1. This tour is truly incredible. When I finished listening to it, I was in awe. I was, and still am, speechless. Matt does such an incredible job of guiding you all around Main Street U.S.A., whether you’re at home or in the park! Not a second is wasted in the entire 2 hour + tour. I could honestly go on and on about everything that I love about this Imagineer Tour. The background music is spot on, the quality is top-notch, the history is incredible, and the Disney Magic is palpable. Do yourself a favor and listen to this tour! And then listen to it again and again and again. It’s that good!

  2. I made sure on my trip last week to tell every single cast member thank you for being there and for all they do. I feel sometimes they don’t realize they keep the magic going and are always so friendly and helpful especially during this time of uncertainty. So to all the cast members on behalf of myself and family THANK YOU

  3. This is REALLY HELPFUL. Just spelling it out without a sales pitch is so illuminating. Thank you so much.